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According to the World Health Organization, 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide, but of that number 80% of these impairments can be avoided or cured. The Change the View project exists to ensure necessary eye care is available to those who are unable to access it by their own means.

As a world leader in the optical industry, we are devoted to using our knowledge and resources to change lives by improving eye health globally, regardless of economics or geography.


We have big dreams, and although we have helped over 340,000 people worldwide to date, this is just a start. By the year 2020, our goal is to assist 2 million people by providing eyeglasses to restore vision, sunglasses to protect from sight deteriorating UV rays and Vitamin A tablets to prevent the early onset of eye disease in children.

Charitable Eyeglasses


We believe that everyone has the right to eye care and are doing what we can to make this a reality. From supporting local projects in San Francisco to traveling across the globe to the most rural areas of Africa, we are determined to support those who are suffering needlessly from visual impairment.

To date we have supported projects in Canada, USA, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Peru, Philippines, India,
Haiti, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia.


By purchasing any of our participating exclusive brands you are taking a part in Change the View and will
help another person with vision needs.