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ALCON® Dailies Contact Lenses

The Other Name of Focus Dailies

ALCON® Dailies Contacts by ALCON® offer a variety of daily disposable contacts, designed with the latest in contact lens advancements, to enhance the overall quality of your vision.
Whether you need Focus DAILIES, Focus DAILIES Toric, Focus DAILIES Progressives or DAILIES AquaComfort Plus, you will find relief as these lenses all feature blink-activated moisture!
When purchasing ALCON® Dailies, you know you’re getting a quality product because of the innovation and technology that have been invested in these innovative contacts.
Need multifocal lenses? Not to worry, ALCON® Dailies Progressives have got you covered – they are the world’s only daily disposable multifocal contact lens. So it doesn’t matter if you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or suffering from astigmatism, ALCON® DAILIES have developed an array of products to suit your needs. The original ALCON® Dailies were developed in the early 90’s and have been evolving with innovative advancements every year in order to supply the most comfortable and durable daily disposable contact lens on the market. Ask your doctor if ALCON® Dailies are right for you, and discover why they are the number one daily disposable contact lens in the world.

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