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Eyewear Accessories

Keep your glasses looking and feeling like new with the right eyeglass accessories. You'll want to protect your frames with the perfect eyeglass case, and ensure your lenses are spotless with quick drying lens cleaner. Tighten up any loose screws with our glasses repair kit. The kit also includes a cleaning cloth, spray bottle of eyeglass lens cleaner, 2 silicone nose pads with 2 screws and more. Buy nylon cords and chains so you can keep your glasses in place at all times, which is especially useful for exercising. Have a 3D TV? Take a look at our cool selection of 3D glasses, all of which are developed with passive polarized lenses. Glasses accessories can help maintain your eyewear, and we have a huge list of eyeglass accessories to ensure your eyeglasses remain in the best shape possible. If you snowboard or ski, don’t forget to check out our sport and safety eyewear – where you can find marquee snow goggles at discount prices.

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