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R. Hardy 9008 Gunmetal
R. Hardy 9009 Silver
R. Hardy 9011 Blue
R. Hardy 9012 Black
R. Hardy 9013 Black
R. Hardy 9014 Black
R. Hardy 9016 Black
R. Hardy 9017 Black
R. Hardy 9017 Coffee
R. Hardy 9019 Gunmetal
R. Hardy 9020 Black
R. Hardy 9021 Black
R. Hardy 9022 Black
R. Hardy 9022 Gunmetal
R. Hardy 9024 Black
R. Hardy 9024 Brown
R. Hardy 9024 Dark Gunmetal
R. Hardy 9025 Gunmetal
R. Hardy 9026 Gunmetal
R. Hardy 9027 Navy
R. Hardy 9028 Black
R. Hardy 9028 Havana
R. Hardy 9029 Black
R. Hardy 9029 Havana
R. Hardy 9030 Black
R. Hardy 9030 Havana
R. Hardy 9030 Navy
R. Hardy 9030 Taupe Blue
Rampage 102 Brown
Rampage R109 Black
Rampage R121 Brown
Rampage R135 Black
Rampage R135 Tortoise
Rampage R146 Black
Rampage R146 Brown
Rampage R152 Brown Orange
Rampage R153 Satin Black
Rampage R153 Satin Olive
Ray-Ban 5254 2383 Havana Green Crystal
Ray-Ban RB5114 5111 Dark Blue Transparent
Ray-Ban RB5121 2291 Yellow Havana
Ray-Ban RB5144 2000 Black
Ray-Ban RB5150 2019 Brown
Ray-Ban RB5150 5163 Azure Transparent Brown
Ray-Ban RB5150 5164 Beige Transparent Brown
Ray-Ban RB5150 5165 Violet Transparent Brown
Ray-Ban RB5154 5161 Havana Green
Ray-Ban RB5162 2262 Black on White Horn
Ray-Ban RB5168 2390 Purple
Ray-Ban RB5169 2383 Top Havana Green
Ray-Ban RB5184 5139 Striped Brown
Ray-Ban RB5187 2000 Black
Ray-Ban RB5187 2000 Black 52
Ray-Ban RB5187 2444 Red
Ray-Ban RB5187 2445 Havana Green
Ray-Ban RB5191 2409 Top Fuchsia on Pink
Ray-Ban RB5206 2479 Black Red Texture
Ray-Ban RB5206 5131 Blue Variegated
Ray-Ban RB5226 2144 Striped Havana
Ray-Ban RB5226 5031 Violet Gradient Havana
Ray-Ban RB5227 5028 Black Gradient Havana Yellow
Ray-Ban RB5227 52 2144 Havana
Ray-Ban RB5228 2126 Brown
Ray-Ban RB5228 5014 Black White Texture
Ray-Ban RB5228 5111 Top Light Blue Transparent
Ray-Ban RB5228 5112 Bordeaux Crystal
Ray-Ban RB5234 2126 Brown Pink
Ray-Ban RB5242 2034 Top Black Transparent
Ray-Ban RB5242 2144 Havana
Ray-Ban RB5242 5071 Violet Gradient Opal
Ray-Ban RB5245 5056 Transparent Dark Blue
Ray-Ban RB5245 5082 Havana Crystal
Ray-Ban RB5246 5091 Brown Orange
Ray-Ban RB5246 5092 Black Grey-Turquoise
Ray-Ban RB5254 2000 Black
Ray-Ban RB5255 5190 Top Black Lilac
Ray-Ban RB5256 5057 Dark Havana Beige
Ray-Ban RB5256 5107 Violet Azure Gray
Ray-Ban RB5256 5109 Azure Green
Ray-Ban RB5267 5055 Brown Gradient Transparent Gray
Ray-Ban RB5268 5122 Violet Sand Violet
Ray-Ban RB5268 5181 Top Black on Violet
Ray-Ban RB5269 5192 Striped Gray Ice
Ray-Ban RB5269 5193 Striped Brown Opal
Ray-Ban RB5280 2012 Dark Havana
Ray-Ban RB5280 5135 Opal Brown Horn
Ray-Ban RB5281 2144 Striped Havana
Ray-Ban RB5283 2034 Black Transparent
Ray-Ban RB5283 5139 Striped Brown
Ray-Ban RB5284 2000 Black
Ray-Ban RB5284 2012 Dark Havana
Ray-Ban RB5284 5137 Blue
Ray-Ban RB5284 5138 Black Green
Ray-Ban RB5287 2012 Dark Havana
Ray-Ban RB5287 5176 Grey Brown
Ray-Ban RB5288 5137 Grey Blue
Ray-Ban RB5288 5138 Black Green
Ray-Ban RB5289 5179 Black Blue
Ray-Ban RB5289 5181 Black Violet
Ray-Ban RB5298 2000 Shiny Black
Ray-Ban RB5298 2012 Dark Havana
Ray-Ban RB5299 5210 Violet Havana
Ray-Ban RB5301 5209 Light Havana Brown
Ray-Ban RB6049 2502 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6049 2503 Matte Black
Ray-Ban RB6155 2553 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6177 2509 Shiny Black
Ray-Ban RB6177 2511 Brown
Ray-Ban RB6193F 2501 Silver
Ray-Ban RB6212 2502 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6212 2509 Shiny Black
Ray-Ban RB6236 2503 Matte Black
Ray-Ban RB6236 2690 Matte Light Brown
Ray-Ban RB6238 2553 Brushed Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6242 2502 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6248 2502 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6248 2509 Shiny Black
Ray-Ban RB6248 2620 Matte Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6263 2502 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6263 2509 Shiny Black
Ray-Ban RB7014 5156 Dark Havana
Ray-Ban RB7017 5197 Black Green
Ray-Ban RB7512 1002 silver
Ray-Ban RB8405 2687 Cream
Ray-Ban RB8409 2713 Matte Brown Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8409 2723 Black Matte Black
Ray-Ban RB8671 1026 Dark Gunmetal Titanium
Rehn RE4602 Black
Republica Austin BK Black
Republica Bronx GR Grey Tortoise
Republica Charleston BR Brown
Republica Denver BR Brown
Republica Dusseldorf BK Black
Republica Manchester GM Gunmetal
Republica Nashville GM Gunmetal
Republica Providence OL Olive
Revlon RV558 Black
Revlon RV566 Jet Black
Revlon RV567 Mauvellous
Revlon RV579 Espresso
Richard Taylor Advanced Titanium Janice Blush
Roberto Cavalli RC421 Malachite B5 Black
Roberto Cavalli RC546 Malva 001
Roberto Cavalli RC559 Verbena 053
Roberto Cavalli RC619 Bocca di Leone 001 Shiny Black
Roberto Cavalli RC623 Fritillaria 001 Shiny Black
Roberto Cavalli RC632 Vaniglia Black Havana
Roberto Cavalli RC636 Corbezzolo 005 Black
Roberto Cavalli RC636 Corbezzolo 050 Dark Brown
Roberto Cavalli RC638 Giglio 005 Black
Roberto Cavalli RC641 Papavero 001
Roberto Cavalli RC641 Papavero 053 Havana
Roberto Cavalli RC641 Papavero 078
Roberto Cavalli RC642 Roridula 001
Roberto Cavalli RC642 Roridula 086 Blue Grey Stripe
Rough Justice Baby Doll Brown Rose
Rough Justice Baby Doll Wild Grape
Rough Justice Burlesque Amber Rose
Rough Justice Burlesque Exotic Grape
Rough Justice Burlesque Sangria
Rough Justice Catty Garnet Ice
Rough Justice Catty Vivid Violet
Rough Justice Con Artist Blue Mood
Rough Justice Con Artist Ginger
Rough Justice Con Artist Grey Mist
Rough Justice Data Diva Black
Rough Justice Data Diva Turtle
Rough Justice Electro Brilliant Black
Rough Justice Electro Dazzling Purple
Rough Justice Feisty Black Sable
Rough Justice Feisty Bronze
Rough Justice Fling Brown Sugar
Rough Justice Fling Dark Angel
Rough Justice Fling Red Hottie
Rough Justice French Kiss Grape Sorbet
Rough Justice Harmless Flirt Champagne
Rough Justice Hipster Black
Rough Justice Hipster Brown
Rough Justice Hot Thing Ebony
Rough Justice Imposter Blue Mood
Rough Justice Imposter Dark Angel
Rough Justice Imposter Wild Violet
Rough Justice Knockout Brilliant Black
Rough Justice Knockout Dazzling Blue
Rough Justice Material Gurl Noir
Rough Justice Material Gurl Tortoise
Rough Justice Miss Sassy Chocolate
Rough Justice Party Crasher Brown Sugar
Rough Justice Party Crasher Electric Grape
Rough Justice Party Crasher Sangria
Rough Justice Playful Olive
Rough Justice Punkie Grey Citrus
Rough Justice Racey Cool Champagne
Rough Justice Scandalous Wild Berry
Rough Justice Showoff Electric Grape
Rough Justice Showoff Sangria
Rough Justice Stylish Brown Tiger
Rough Justice Stylish Grey Tiger
Rough Justice Stylish Opaque Black
Rough Justice Stylish Opaque Ginger
Rough Justice Stylish Opaque Graphite
Rough Justice Trouble Maker Black Sable
Rough Justice Twisted Dirty Blue
Rough Justice Vixen Black Sable
Rough Justice Vixen Bronze
Rough Justice Wild Child Beet
Rough Justice Wild Child Bronze
Rough Justice Wild Child Ebony
Roxy RO3010 400 Gunmetal
Roxy RO3010 403 Black
Roxy RO3300 407 Brown Transparent
Roxy RO3351 407 Brown
Roxy RO3351 418 Purple
Roxy RO3430 400 Gunmetal
Roxy RO3430 403 Black
Roxy RO3520 403 Black Transparent
Roxy RO3520 405 Pink Transparent
Roxy RO3530 418 Purple Transparent
Roxy RO3540 403 Black Transparent
Roxy RO3540 407 Brown Transparent
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