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R. Hardy 9026 Gunmetal
Raen Eightyfive-Sixty Black
Raen Eightyfive-Sixty Fading Grey Crystal
Raen Eightyfive-Sixty Matte Black Brindle
Raen Eightyfive-Sixty Rootbeer Tortoise
Raen Leo Carillo Black
Raen Leo Carillo Matte Rootbeer Tortoise
Raen Ryko Wood Grain
Raen Saint Malo Bengal Tortoise
Raen Saint Malo Black
Raen Seaside Black
Raen Simmons Black
Raen Simmons Brindle Tortoise
Raen Simmons Matte Black Brindle Tortoise
Raen Squire Brindle Tortoise
Raen Squire Wood Grain
Raen Underwood Black
Raen Underwood Brindle Tortoise
Rampage R155 BLK Black
Rampage R155 PURHRN Purple Horn
Rampage RA137 BRN Brown
Rampage RA137 BU Burgundy
Rampage RA147 BLK Black
Rampage RA148 BU Burgundy
Rampage RA161 PL Plum
Randy Jackson 1002 058 Gunmetal
Randy Jackson 1006 021 Black
Randy Jackson 1009 008 Bronze
Randy Jackson 1025 021 Black
Randy Jackson 1030 183 Brown
Randy Jackson 1041 021 Black
Randy Jackson 1041 308 Noir Tan
Randy Jackson 1046 058 Dark Gunmetal
Randy Jackson 1047 058 Dark Gunmetal
Randy Jackson 1047 235 Black Gold
Randy Jackson 1050 219 Black Brown
Randy Jackson 1052 058 Light Gunmetal
Randy Jackson 3000 183 Brown Tort
Randy Jackson 3003 021 Black Crystal
Randy Jackson 3003 024 Tortoise
Randy Jackson 3014 024 Tortoise
Randy Jackson 3014 300 Navy
Randy Jackson 3016 021 Black
Randy Jackson 3017 061 Blue Gradient
Randy Jackson 3017 189 Black Crystal
Randy Jackson 3018 189 Black Crystal
Randy Jackson 3019 137 Mahogany Fade
Randy Jackson 3019 189 Black Fade
Randy Jackson 3020 021 Black
Randy Jackson 3020 301 Olive
Randy Jackson 3030 024 Tort
Randy Jackson X109 235 Black Gold
Ray-Ban 5187 2445 Havana Green
Ray-Ban 8714 1159 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB5121 2000 Black
Ray-Ban RB5150 5239 Havana Yellow
Ray-Ban RB5154 2000 Shiny Black
Ray-Ban RB5154 5257 Matte Striped Violet
Ray-Ban RB5184 2012 Dark Havana
Ray-Ban RB5184 5161 Havana Green
Ray-Ban RB5184 5215 Havana Purple
Ray-Ban RB5184F 5160 Tortoise Orange
Ray-Ban RB5206 2479 Black Red Texture
Ray-Ban RB5228 2000 Black
Ray-Ban RB5228 2012 Dark Avana
Ray-Ban RB5287 2012 Dark Havana
Ray-Ban RB5299 5210 Violet Havana
Ray-Ban RB5299 5377 Striped Blue
Ray-Ban RB5316 5391 Matte Blue
Ray-Ban RB6211 2340 Matte Black
Ray-Ban RB6245E 2502 Gunmetal Black
Ray-Ban RB6290 2509 Black
Ray-Ban RB7017 5197 Black Green
Ray-Ban RB7017 5200 Havana
Ray-Ban RB7021 5369 Lite Beige
Ray-Ban RB7022 5364 Black Rubber
Ray-Ban RB7022 5365 Matte Havana
Ray-Ban RB7023 2077 Black
Ray-Ban RB7024 5207 Blue
Ray-Ban RB7025 2000 Black
Ray-Ban RB7028 5392 Dark Brown
Ray-Ban RB7028 5394 Transparent Violet
Ray-Ban RB7030 2034 Black Crystal
Ray-Ban RX5228 5112 Bordeaux Crystal
Ray-Ban RX5245 5220 Brown
Ray-Ban RX7019 5242 Blue
Ray-Ban RX7019 5243 Green
Ray-Ban RX7019 5244 Grey
Red Lotus AF206Z 174 Black White
Red Lotus AF208Z 077 Burgundy
Red Lotus AF208Z 130 Berry Pink
Red Tiger AM504M 183 Brown
Red Tiger AM505M 021 Black
Red Tiger AM507Z 021 Black
Red Tiger AM507Z 024 Tortoise
Revolution REV512 Pink
Revolution REV540 Pretty Pecan
Revolution REV545 Shiny Gun
Revolution REV681 Black
Revolution REV681 Gun Amber
Roberto Cavalli RC619 Bocca di Leone 001 Shiny Black
Roberto Cavalli RC638 Giglio 005 Black
Roberto Cavalli RC641 Papavero 053 Havana
Rough Justice Electro Radiant Brown
Rough Justice Imposter Dark Angel
Rough Justice Showoff Sangria
Rough Justice Stylish Brown Tiger
Rough Justice Wild Child Beet
Rough Justice Wild Child Bronze
Roxy RO 3241 413 Gold
Roxy RO3400 403 Black
Roxy RO3400 405 Pink
Roxy RO3400 418 Purple
Roxy RO3430 400 Gunmetal
Roxy RO3430 403 Black
Roxy RO3430 418 Purple
Roxy RO3470 403 Black
Roxy RO3540 403 Black Transparent
Roxy RO3540 407 Brown Transparent
Roxy RO3570 403 Black
Roxy RO3570 418 Purple
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