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Bolle Sunglasses

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Bollé Sunglasses

Standard for Optical Performance & Innovation Since 1888.

Bollé sunglasses are high-quality eyewear that's just perfect for men and women, sports fanatics and weekend warriors alike. They're made with polarized lenses and offer 100% protection against harmful UVA rays. The anti-fog properties allow you to always have a mist-free, unobstructed clear view of everything.
The Bolle sunglasses also offer extra comfort with its Thermogrip Technology, which provides a secure grip around your nose, ears and head, so you never have to worry about losing them during whatever sport or outdoor activity you're enjoying.
These sunglasses also offer a sleek and sporty style, too. Choose from cat eye, Retro-Wingtip, rectangular, aviator, oval and oversized. Bolle golf sunglasses are specially made for the golf course. The exclusive Photo V3 lens is engineered to optimize the green portion of the color spectrum, revealing all of the green's deceptive breaks, undulations, and textures.
Bolle prescription sunglasses are also available for those who desire protection against the sun but require the same prescription as their regular eyewear. When you're looking for a comfortable fit and stylish and sporty looks, you can't go wrong with Bolle sunglasses.

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